These days especially we are all looking for ways to cut back and save a few dollars. This can be done throughout the entire year, but there are a few tips to save during the summer months. Read more here instacart coupon.

One way is to use the old fashion way of cooling your home, the cool air through your windows or fans. If you aren’t home or if there’s cooler temperatures, no need to leave the air on. This would cut down on your bill tremendously this allowing you to save a few bucks.

It is recommended to replace air filters about every three months and those aren’t costly. This will be sure to help you save a little on the electricity or power bills.

Replacing the air filter keeps your unit from over working itself, costing you more money. A dirty filter doesn’t give off the same air flow or efficiency as a clean.

Barbecuing is more energy efficient than cooking on the stove or in the oven during the summer. It saves you a little money and the food is still good if not better. This will also keep you from cranking the air conditioning up higher to take away the excess heat.

Line drying your clothes the old fashion way is sure to be another penny saver during the summer. The clothes will dry quickly with the help of the sun and wind. This way is also more efficient.

Usually your dryer will have a low heat setting. Using that will cut back on energy cost; it just may take a little longer for your clothes to dry.

There are usually sales going on for the coming season. Try to catch a few of those so that you can plan ahead by buying things you know you will need a few months from now.

Keeping these tips in mind, will save you money all summer long.