Vein Doc Dr. Zalekha Shair: A Surgeon Who Cares


Varicose veins are more than just unsightly. Many forms of varicose veins can also be quite painful. In addition, not all varicose veins form at the surface. If your varicose veins are causing you pain, the surgical option may reduce your discomfort and make your life better. Connecting with a caring surgeon can make the experience of varicose vein surgery much less worrisome.

When Your Veins Hurt

A swollen, lumpy varicose vein may be unsightly but it may not hurt. Other forms of vein pooling can form in the hip or groin and cause a great deal of pain. Some sufferers find that their veins only hurt at the end of the day, while others experience a sense of heaviness or tiredness due to their varicose veins. Your vein doc at Metro Vein Centers can help you assess the level of your pain and the best treatment options to … Read More